Pride as we know it today began as a riot against police brutality in New York City at Stonewall Inn. These fifty-one years later, some of the parallels of what’s going on in communities around the world. We all deserve to live without violence! As such, our mission continues to ring clearly through all the cultural noise around us: Keeping LGBTQIA2S+ folk at the core, Salus Center strives to cultivate radical communities of care. We aim to empower people to authentically live into their whole selves, no matter what intersecting identities they embody.

Brief Update:

As a young nonprofit organization preparing to start our third year in existence, there are immense pressures and obstacles to being able to hold accessible space for the sixteen-plus groups we host each week while also collaborating with local organizations striving to serve their LGBTQ clients better and trying to find ways to be financially sustainable with extremely limited resources of every kind.

That’s already a tall set of tasks without adding onto it a global pandemic and ongoing violences against many people in our communities, especially those who embody multiple minoritized identities. As such, we’re focusing our energies on how to maintain the space we have and what that means for when and how to reopen someday. That means we’re also not currently equipped to handle external requests for projects and such until further notice.

In the meantime, please:

  • contact your support group leaders to see whether they’re meeting online.
  • hold off on requests that would shift our limited human capacity to process all the changes around us.
  • continue to support us by donating as you’re able.
  • keep educating yourself and others to help shift culture so that everyone can live without the threat of violence for daring to exist.
  • stay hydrated, rest, and do whatever you can to prioritize your wholeness and wellness so we can all get free!

THANK YOU, truly, for all the ways you are making this a better world!